Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday night.

I've just finished for the night.  I'm writing this while I take a rest... I'm TIRED!  Tonight I did a few minutes (seconds) of Tae Bo Elite, and I'm still too sore from my lower body workout last night for it to work.  I decided to do Aerobic Striptease.  I looked like an idiot, but I WILL feel it tomorrow!  I'm also really excited because I got through the whole video. :D  I've never gone through a whole video of anything before!  YAY!  So, that and a few minutes of light stretching to cool down and I'm going to call it a night.

Scrambled egg white
5 T salsa
10 tortilla chips
Clif bar
same yogurt/fruit as before
serving of butter beans (gross)
one fried chicken thigh
sprite zero
diet hot cocoa with 1 pkt instant coffee and 4t Peppermint Mocha coffee mate
1/2 kraft cheese slice
1T light sour cream
glass of milk
Chocolate Mint Sensation Jell-o Temptations

Weight: 224.8 lbs

I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!  Have a good night/evening!

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