Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer... HELP ME!!!

What does summer mean to me? Sweltering heat and allergies.  I mean, bad.  This morning I had a dream that I couldn't see because my head hurt so bad.  When I woke up, I realized I had the dream because I couldn't see since my head hurt so bad.  Awesome, huh?  What I'm getting at is that summer has always been a bad time for me to stick to anything.  Most of the time I can't taste, so I don't realize when I'm eating things I should/shouldn't.  Most of the time I can't breathe so exercise gets put on the back burner because I can't walk/run/do anything for more than five minutes at a time.  I hate going outside because of all the pollen so outside activities (while they do happen) are few and far between.  So I have to ask.  How do all of you who know where I'm coming from deal with it?  What are your tricks and secrets?  The medicine I'm on helps sometimes, but it doesn't seem like it's often enough! HELP!

<3 Kate

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  1. omg.. I feel your pain. I have allergies so bad. I have been better this year because I actually started to go to an allergist. They did an allergy panel which blew my mind! I had no idea I was so allergic to... well.. everything they tested for. I had been living with it for so long that I had "sinus disease" which was basically the mother of all sinus infections. Sinus surgery to fix that and I'm doing shots, nose spray and Zyrtec daily for allergies. I can completely relate to the outdoor activities being unmanagable, especially in spring and early summer. They gave me an albuterol inhaler when it gets bad and I feel like I can't breathe. I use it before I go running too. It has been an absolute life saver!!! If you have itchy eyes, they make drops too. I'm using Pataday. Amazing how much meds make a difference. Hope you're doing better :-)