Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hey everyone! I am in an extremely good mood today (even though I don't feel great) because my family is in the state from Alaska until the end of June!  They've been here for a couple weeks already, but we just now got to go see them.  I got to see my best friend Noah (who is four) and his little sister McKenzie (she doesn't like when we call her Kenz or Kenzie lol).  They're stationed in Alaska for the next two years since their dad is in the Army, so it is a real treat to get to play with them!  They might be back at Christmas since Daddy (Jacob) is in Afghanistan right now, but we won't know until then.  

The real reason I'm posting (besides to express my excitement... which I'll get to later), is because Jacob's team is getting hit really hard.   We like to think of him as safe because he has an office position, but that's mainly for our comfort.  Regardless, the men he has trained and stood by are getting hit with a high frequency of attacks.  Five troops have been lost just since settling in a month ago.  I'm asking everybody I know to add them (Stryker Brigade out of Kandahar, Afghanistan) to put them on their prayer list because they need all the help they can get!  Not just these boys though.  ALL of our military needs all the support they can get.  How often do you stop to think about the reasons you're free to do all the things you can do? You get to go to the beach in a bikini because of our military.  You get to wear whatever color of nail polish/make up on a daily basis because of our military.  You get to blog, and read blogs, because of them (in some countries blogging is banned due to fear of retaliation towards the government).  You get to have opinions about everything... because of our military.  Have you told a soldier "thank you" today?  You should.

Ok.  Back to the fun stuff! :)  We only got to stay for one night because of things that were planned today, but wow what a night it was!  We played in the sprinklers, had a water fight (that was pretty one sided.  Noah won.  Clearly.  He used the sprinkler instead of a gun!). We played hide-and-seek, red light/green light, red rover and pirates.  There were kidnappings, a hostile takeover and lots of escapes!  I got my bread and (homemade, yum!) jam stolen because "you snooze you lose," and lots of pictures were taken.  This morning when we were leaving, there were lots of hugs and kisses, but the best part was when we all put are hands in and gave a big "GOOOOOOO FAMILY!"  Those kids are my world, and my world gets a little lonelier every time I leave them.  I hope this week goes by fast! They're coming to my house this weekend! YAY!

Anybody who is still reading this, thank you!  I just needed an outlet to express my excitement.  Maybe I'll have some pictures up this weekend?  Who knows!  Anyway, thanks for looking!

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